Join the Peace Meditation

the first Sunday of the month
between 10.30am and 11.30am
in the middle of Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden

We are coming back to our practice of being peaceful.
In the middle of our lives, in the middle of our city, in the middle of where we find ourselves: to be in peace for an hour!
Not such a great task it might seem, but I have found it a challenging, as well as beautiful, practice. I find myself too busy or too tired or too . . . other to prioritise peace. I say to myself “I can be peaceful in the background and just continue running my busy life”.

Actually how am I to do that if I cannot hold it even for one hour? In the practice of being out in the world, on the street it shows how easily I am swayed by the life that is happening around me. Absorbed in distracting myself and losing my awareness of deep peacefulness.

So it is time to come back again to the essence: just holding peace for an hour in the middle of our city, town or village, knowing that we choose to prioritise peacefulness within and tune in with others who do the same.

Pass the word and see you there.

with peace and love

One response to “Join the Peace Meditation

  1. October 14th is coming in 10 days… Could you meditate tomorrow in intention of this event? check out the website, please help make it happen!
    Sending you love and light!

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