New trees bloom in Neal’s Yard

New tree in Neal's YardGuess what? Someone got it in their silly head to put motor oil in three of the planters. Why? Well, they didn’t  leave an explanation but the result was that the soil got poisoned and three trees died.

As a little compensation for the madness around the balloon filming we managed to get three new trees from the company: snowy mespilus, which has lovely white flowers, edible berries in July and rich autumnal tones;  Japanese maple, with beautiful maroon foliage; and camelia, which bears luscious white blooms.

The soil had to be dug out and replaced and here you see the new trees ready to share their freshness and greenness with all who come to Neal’s Yard.

Give them a caring warm welcome when you visit and let us know on this blog what you think about them!

Tree planting in Neal's Yard

2 responses to “New trees bloom in Neal’s Yard

  1. Crazy world… I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how my blog got a visit from your blog – even though I’ve been to Neal’s Yard, I hadn’t blogged about it! It was my project 365 photo of a plum tree blossom.

    But I’m so glad the automatic related posts generator connected me to you! I LOVE that cheese shop… i dream of it… and the photos on your blog are fabulous! I’ll be back…

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