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Welcome to the Neal’s Yard blog!

Neal’s Yard wallGreat, you’ve found us!

Whether you’ve been to the real place or not, this is Neal’s Yard’s virtual home where, in the spirit in which the Yard was created, ideas can flourish and all are invited to participate in its development.

It’s still in its early stages – as you can see! – but a few things we’ve got in the pipeline include:

  • memories and archive pictures of the yard in its early days
  • details of current and upcoming activities
  • pictures of the famous ‘quote board’ and poetry board and a competition for new quotes to feature on it
  • updates on nature spotted and people seen in the yard

What we really want to know, though, is what you’d like to see here and in the yard itself. We want to hear your ideas and comments so let us know what you think.